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Signal Box Experience

Have you ever thought how a signal box works?

Our railway now offers a number of Signal Box Experiences

See how they work and have a go at controlling the locos & trains yourself.

We have half day sessions in our Embsay Station signal box

The experience will include:

  • safety briefing
  • introduction to the box, its levers and indicators
  • get a loco on or off the train at the start or end of the day
  • controlling the departure and arrival of at least two trains at Embsay Station
  • and at Stoneacre the control of the passing of trains
  • membership for 1 year
  • certificate of participation

1 train day – 1 Box – AM or PM session £50 (PM summer season only)


Please note that due to the Covid-19 situation, we currently have quite a few Signal Box Experiences purchased and in a queue and waiting for a slot.  However, we have uncertainties about when exactly we will reopen, and when we do re-open the timetable may be different to the timetable(s) previously advertised.  So, for these reasons, if you do book a Signal Box Experience, please be aware that it may be a struggle to fit you into this year, and you may have to wait until 2021 to complete the experience.